Recently I had my girlfriend take some pictures for the Worldwide Otaku Report. So we figured why not post them on my blog? So that's what I'm doing :) Enjoy the awesomeness:

My Computer Desk. Have some sexy figures & my giant Rei figure to keep me company while I code stuffs.


Here's a photo of those figures :)


This is where my bed is. The wall is decorated with posters I've collected / bought.


This is my anime collection... it's kinda small right now as I haven't been purchasing box sets lately :(


Here is two beautiful Evangelion figures which sit by my alarm clock. Waking up to sexy plugsuits every morning? Yes.


I have my Love is War Miku DX Edition on top of my IKEA Detolf.


Top Self of my detolf: Black Rock Shooter figures.


Second self of detolf: Mostly all Sora from Yosuga no Sora. Put Rei and one of the native figures I own there because I ran out of space.


Here's a shot of my entertainment setup.


This is a shot of where my desk is. I really love Hinata, so I try to collect as many works of art of her as I can.


Here's the other side of my room. Where my entertainment stuffs are.


Finally... Here's some shots of my doujinshi collection! :D

I really love doujinshi, I try to buy a physical copy of all my favorite doujinshi.


Sometimes I go a bit overboard and buy as much doujinshi as I can get my hands on ^^;